• 19 - 22 March 2020
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Meet Your Sealing Glass Match


Sealing glasses are special types of glass used to seal or bond various electrical and electronic components. For many decades, they have been used widely in the electronics industry to create structural, hermetic, and highly insulating electrical seals between different materials such as metal, glass, or ceramics.

More recently the use of sealing glasses has expanded to a broader range of applications. But different devices and usages have different demands, making it crucial to select the sealing glass with optimum compatibility.

The most critical characteristic of a sealing glass is the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), which should be as close as possible to the substrate material being sealed – typically called a “matched” fit – to prevent stress within the glass and/or substrate that can lead to cracking and failure. In some special configurations, a “compression fit” can be employed, allowing the joining of two significantly different thermal expansion materials by an intermediate glass.


Ferro aims to provide the ideal sealing glass for the widest array of needs and applications.

To this end, we offer hundreds of sealing glass formulations ranging from low temperature Pb and Bi-based systems that seal as low as 400˚C, to our Silicate, Alumina, and Boron based glasses that can seal in excess of 1000˚C, allowing their use in high operating temperature conditions. Various grinding technologies, both dry and wet, are used to produce a wide range of particle size distributions, from an average particle size of >50 μm to sub-micron. 

Highly flexible and versatile, our sealing glasses can be supplied as powders, ready-to-use pastes, or formed into tapes or sintered preforms for ease of handling and application. They are ideal for an extensive range of applications, including glass-to-metal sealing for the insulation of electrical feed-throughs, glass displays, ceramic packaging, and even wafer-level packaging of MEMs and other sensors.

Today, Ferro sealing glasses are widely used in industries as diverse as defense, aerospace, industrial, medical, energy, and consumer products, providing reliable, durable device protection where it matters most. 

(Via Ferro)